A Weekend in New York

Hi guys, Long time no chat! I have super been busy between work, studying for my LSAT (which I'm finally done!), and traveling here and there. Having just returned from a visit to good ol' New York, I couldn't be happier! I went over Passover to meet my boyfriend’s family—and YES, it was very "Meet the Parents" … Continue reading A Weekend in New York

In the Mexican Desert

On a drive from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos, where the famed "Hotel California" exists, I stopped in the middle of the desert to snap this simple look — and the beauty of the cactus forest surrounding me. —————————— —————————— I call this look "simple" because, being hot-as-hell in Mexico, the lesser you dress, … Continue reading In the Mexican Desert

On The Rocks

Yes, you may be wondering where I have been, and where I am now. Well, I'm back home in Toronto, but am still relishing in the most peaceful and amazing trip I just returned from — Cabo! My father and I took a trip together, just us guys, which turned out to be a totally awesome, … Continue reading On The Rocks

London Travel Essentials – Balancing Practicality and Fashion

Photo: Pixabay Travelling to London, or any fashion haven like Milan or Paris usually requires us to be at the top of our game. From the outfits we wear, to the places we visit, to the events we attend, we have to have that natural instinct to always look our best. We should consider the … Continue reading London Travel Essentials – Balancing Practicality and Fashion

My Trip To Paris – #SassAndLeatherTakesParis Part 1

Bonjouuuurrrrrr to my readers, and pardon moi for the absence from the blog for such a long time... I apologize. Since being back from Paris, I have been working non-stop, looking for a new place to live, and now I'm sick! This has been a busy summer, and I feel bad for not posting on … Continue reading My Trip To Paris – #SassAndLeatherTakesParis Part 1