October 3, 2018
Chelsea, New York
A letter from Leah H.,

Soho:Noho Street StyleI might be a west-end gal,
but I’ve got a vibe for downtown.

Hey, do you know what day it is?!

It’s October 3rd, international MEAN GIRLS DAY. One of the most #FETCH days of our millennium, millennials (and it’s the 13th one)!!! Oh, also can’t forget that it’s Wednesday…are you wearing pink?! Better be, or else, you can’t sit with us 😉

Also, hi, I’m Leah, a native-New-Yorker, born and bred, living and working between two of the *lowkey* best areas in Manhattan.
I currently live in Chelsea (think: Flatiron building, Meatpacking District, Chelsea Market…), but I work down in the Soho/Noho area (think: cobbled streets flooded with the best cafés, designer shops, and impromptu fashion shoots…). 


But, before we get into all the sweet stuff, who the f*** is Leah, right? Well, I’m a friend of both Caroline & Jory’s and a fashion-connoisseur at heart. We collectively agreed an authentic NYC contribution would be a fabulous idea to start off this autumn season.


Letter from Leah OOTD.jpg
It’s me, Leah!


Some things to know about me [and my style] before we get started:
99% of my existence is spent in black Lululemon leggings and a well-fitting black v-neck paired with some high-top Adidas kicks.
The other 1% of the time—the time I feel like dressing up—I try my best to look like a high-fashion BALLER. This is mainly thanks to Rent The Runway; it’s like I have an unlimited, revolving, always-updating closet of designer pieces without taking up space in my already slim NYC closet (more like cupboard).

Moral of the story: my style is generally speaking chill and effortless, which brings me directly to main point: this is exactly what I love about Soho/Noho streetstyle…its effortlessness. Anthropomorphically speaking, it’s like that person in class who looks soooooo (pardon my French) fucking cool, while simultaneously looking like they really don’t give a fuck.


Sneakerhead 2018 Picks
Some of my fav kicks for dressing up — not just down


Rule #1:
Anything, and I mean ANYTHING, can be paired with the latest on-trend sneaker. As not only a burgeoning “sneakerhead,” but a woman who refuses to wear heels to anything that requires I walk more than 10 steps in any given direction, I truly appreciate this style philosophy.


Make A Statement Streetstyle.jpg

Rule #2:
Make a statement. Statement pieces reign supreme when it comes to turning heads up and down Broadway (AKA Soho’s main drag). Bright bomber jackets, coats with words emblazoned on the back, chunky baubles, and colorful bags that could possibly blind you. Again, as someone who prescribes to the All-Black-Err’thang fashion gospel, I love that I can create a memorable outfit by jazzing up my typical uniform with one outstanding piece. It also means that you don’t have to break the bank shelling out beaucoup bucks for an all-designer ensemble. I personally would spend the most on a pair of eye-catching boots and a bold jacket, while keeping the rest simple and comfortable.

Emily, Hailey, and Bella Looks.jpg

Rule #3: If all else fails just think “What would Hailey, Emily, and Bella do?”…or, in this case, wear? When I think of dressing for shopping in Soho/Noho on the weekends, Hailey Baldwin, Emily Ratajkowski, and Bella Hadid are the gals I take my fashion cues from. These kweens have the Soho/Noho vibe locked-down. Although gorg icons, they effortlessly take the “everyday-girl-around-town” look just as seriously as they work their runway looks….and that speaks to me.


Fashion Week Funky Style and Hair


So, in summary, Soho/Noho style is all about that perfect blend of comfort and the latest streetwear fashions. The style is very accessible and it’s really all about showcasing your individuality, and not necessarily following a hard-set list of fashion guidelines/rules (AKA use my rules above as you personally see fit, but don’t forget to have fun with it!).

When I walk down the cobbled streets of Mercer and Bond and Bleecker I’m constantly in awe of the outfits I see; this little slice of heaven in NYC is a place where people are constantly questioning the status quo. Looking cool doesn’t have to break the bank and you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to look expensive and chic.

Until next letter, Soho Kisses from Meatpacking, B*tches

— Leah

Meatpacking Stella McCartney Bag Close Up

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