Hi guys,
Long time no chat!

I have super been busy between work, studying for my LSAT (which I’m finally done!), and traveling here and there. Having just returned from a visit to good ol’ New York, I couldn’t be happier! I went over Passover to meet my boyfriend’s family—and YES, it was very “Meet the Parents” [minus all the craziness of the movie].

Fountains at the Met Museum


Having not been to New York in a minute, I almost forgot how incredible and spontaneous my trips there are. New York is like my second home; every time I return it brings back great memories, and creates new ones.

Eggs Benny and French Toast
Steve @ Norma’s

As always, I checked out some of fav places like Barneys, Intermix, Madewell, and Norma’s (basically my home). I love Madewell—they make amazing denim, and offer fabulous student discounts! I took my boyfriend to Norma’s and Barneys for the first time and he fell for the crunchy French toast and Off-White.

Jenny Humphrey by Oscar de la Renta

Pop Art Gowns @ Barney's

We popped into the new Tom Ford boutique on Madison, which was heavenly, and filled with so many goodies. We also walked by Oscar de la Renta, and lusted over everything in the window, while admiring the chic locals, as always.

Chic NYC Lady
Chic NYC Lady

One of my favourite places on the Upper East Side, The Guggenheim, was a highlight this trip. The beautifully designed Frank Lloyd Wright building filled with exquisite art is everything I need out of life.

Guggenheim Ceiling
Guggenheim Ceiling



You cannot go to New York without walking on Madison Avenue, and ending the day sitting on the Met steps. Being a huge gossip girl fan, it’s the closest to being Blair Waldorf, of course. Also, fun fact: my boyfriend designed the Met Museum’s Android App (DO YOU DIE?!?!)…you can tell I’m very proud.

Saint Laurent

Queen C on the Met Steps


New spot I checked out this trip: an amazing Mexican restaurant in the West village called Toloache where is sipped on jalapeño-watermelon margaritas, and devoured the “Pollo Toloache”, a dish I highly recommend.


Jalapeño-Watermelon Margarita



Pollo Toloache



Shrimp Toloache
Camarones (Shrimp) Toloache


Lastly, I ventured out to Queens which was so fun and it is definitely somewhere to check out, especially Martha’s county bakery which is amazing. New York is the greatest city on earth and no matter how many times you go it amazes you every time.


Martha's County Bakery on Ditmars Blvd
Martha’s County Bakery on Ditmars Blvd
Treats Inside
Treats Inside
Washington Square Arch
Washington Square Arch

Until next time…


Stella, Madewell, Central Park

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