Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Spice World movie. Growing up, I was obsessed with the Spice Girls, as was Jory. We still bond over it to this day!

Last night I attended the anniversary screening of Spice World, thanks to Randi Bergman of the amazing podcast/ Instagram page Capsule 98. Both the podcast and the Instagram page focus on a time capsule she made back in 1998 and her love of all things “90’s”.

Knowing that Jory grew up watching Spice World every single day as a toddler, he was the first one I called when I heard about the screening. I even gifted him a vintage Posh Spice doll for his birthday years ago, knowing how obsessed he was with them as a wee one! Unfortunately he couldn’t attend with me, as he was on vacation, but was there with me in spirit.

It was such an exquisite experience to re-watch one of my all-time #FAV movies on the big screen again in comfort, and with drinks… the last time it was in theaters I was four, lol. The best part was watching the movie alongside my sister, and singing the songs that shaped our childhood! We got to spice up our lives one more time on the big screen.

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