As I sit here writing this final post of 2017, I am still baffled as to how this year moved so quickly. Being an odd number [17], this year has surely had its moments of ups, downs, and all-around interesting — shall we say — instances. I have to say, though, that all in all, I feel 2017 was a fantastic year, and a learning experience for myself (and likely us all).

From the incredible trips I took, the people I met and became so close with, the evolvement of my closet — both binged and purged, the new relationship I began, moving into a new home, reconnecting with old friends, and as Kylie Jenner said, REALIZING THINGS — 2017 was a whirlwind.

Yet, I cannot forget all of the stresses, anxieties, confusion, and decisions I did make this year. For one, I made the grand decision to leave my job and focus on what meant more to me in life, including deliberating and going forth with more creative pursuits. I won’t get deep into that, as I have now posted [and YouTube’d] this realization several times — but it was surely a big moment for myself this year.

Having just finished school not less than 3 weeks ago, I am giving myself a moment to breathe and allow the next phenomenon to naturally fall into place. As one who lives for the impulsive moments of life, I truly feel everything happens for a reason, in the right place, at the right time. If something doesn’t feel right, there should be no need to rush or dive in — but that doesn’t mean risk shouldn’t be taken. A few years ago, and until this day, the latin phrase “Omnia mutantur. Nos et mutamur in illis” resonated as a way that I live my life; thus I had it tattooed on my ankle to stay with me. To this day, I live by its meaning, and in all the chaos of life and of everyone trying to define their own success, it helps me take a moment to be grateful and present.

This program, Creative Industries, was a risk well taken, as it gave me the understanding to string together various creative interests, skills and passions with aspects of entrepreneurship to build myself a unique career around what I LOVE! Truly, if you don’t try, then why even bother? You’ve got NOTHING to lose, and a few bumps in the road along the way are absolutely normal. This is why I chose to leave retail, and slowly yet strategically build the career of my dreams. Actually, I would rather call it a lifestyle, as I feel work and life should string together in a way that is natural and enjoyable — at least that’s the way my mind works.

Conclusively, I feel this year has built up many a gateway towards the clarity, opportunity, and impact 2018 will have on my life. The number 18 has had great significance to me since I was born, as it is my birthdate, and lucky number. It also has spiritual meaning, as it signifies life and good fortune; and similarly so in Chinese tradition. To commemorate and hold its meaning close to myself, I had it tattooed on my wrist when I was 18, and has felt as a charm of good luck and good vibes. As such, I know this year will be momentous in my life, naturally providing me the answers and guidance to many confusions I have had, as well as presenting something that I could have never dreamed of.

I look forward to all of the new challenges and events I cross paths with, to meeting more great people, and growing my passions, knowledge, and relationships. This year will also be the time I take the time to travel and experience myself in a different light. There is no shortage of fabulous and iconic moments that I have experienced and will continue to, but for now, I will leave you with a great moment held with one of my best friends which we shot in nicer weather, equally with great sense of style and flair for life!

Cheers to the New Year, to great moments, to living live for the moment.
Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem, Carpe Omnia!

















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