With the first day of summer tomorrow, having recently finished my fourth year of university, and almost 2 months into time off study, much is going on in my life. I just turned 22 a few weeks ago, and have been truly deliberating where I am headed, as I go forth into this decade, as more of a “real adult”.  So quickly, I have just about completed my BA in Creative Industries at Ryerson, summer of 2017 is pretty much here, and yet, there is so much more that I have to do.

On that thought, I have reflected over the last year whether or not “Sass & Leather” is the image/persona I want to portray going forward, and if it meets the standards of my personal expression. What I mean by this is that with lack of change or evolvement, things can become repetitive — lacking freshness and novelty.

Where I’m going with this thought is: now that I have finished school for the summer, and my focus and effort begins to shift outward from this blog, I feel it is time to share that I am ready for a transformation. That’s not to say the Jory behind Sass & Leather is going to disappear — but grow.

Soon, this blog will become a component of a larger idea that I have been developing over the last few months, and still am at this moment. With so many interests, skills, passions, capabilities, loves, and growing talents, I feel that limiting myself [and my work ethic] solely on my blog, confines my abilities and drive.

My friends and followers may have already noticed my recently changed Instagram user as @jorrry.b, and a second account that I created, by the known username @sassandleather. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow this new page, as I will be finally providing my enthusiasts and followers [and I] an impulsively-creative outlet. It won’t be narrowed to photos of myself — it will be so much more.

With such a saturation and overflow of bloggers out there, it’s becoming less of an original title to have. I am so grateful for the last few years that I have developed this blog and will continue to post content. However, there is so much more I have to offer, and I can’t wait to share this with my friends, followers, and prospective clients — hint hint.

Thus, I will leave it at that, for you to ponder, wonder, and deliberate where I will lead my business toward. For me, the ride isn’t over, it’s just beginning, and I can’t wait to take you all on it with me. Look forward to new additions, changes, and concepts that my platforms will expand into this summer.

First thing’s first, Shop Sass & Leather is soon to launch — and you will be able to get first dibs on vintage, repurposed, and second-hand goods, on the new @sassandleather Insta-page! SO GO FOLLOW! And until next post…


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