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Travelling to London, or any fashion haven like Milan or Paris usually requires us to be at the top of our game. From the outfits we wear, to the places we visit, to the events we attend, we have to have that natural instinct to always look our best.

We should consider the essential travel essentials in London-town for us to stay fashionable and walk its streets like we are on a London Fashion Week runway.

Unlike Milan or Paris — which usually requires us to be at the top of our A-game — London presents certain elements that may or may not affect what we pack in our bags. In a way, it all comes down to balancing practicality and functional fashion. Travelling to the British capital truly does have everything to do with the weather… Even though England’s trends are somewhat defined by its usual grey skies, it can still be unpredictable and interchangeable.

london-863330_1280Photo: Pixabay

As a rule of thumb, you should still be prepared for rain, so it’s important to bring a compact umbrella on your travels. Travelling to the British capital has everything to do with the weather, according to Emily Poklar from College Tourist. It may not be the most fashionable thing ever, but it’ll get the job done in keeping you dry.

Aside from London’s weather, we also have to consider our activity and the environment. When it comes to the general idea of our outfits, we want to stick to the basics of being conservative yet edgy; blur the line that divides dressy and casual. Scarves, for one, are exceptionally versatile — especially a nice on from London fashion house: Burberry! Layering is also key in maintaining balance in practicality and fashion during cold London weather.


Considering a trip to London may not be the longest (sigh 😦 ), every second of every minute counts!!! I wouldn’t want to be late for an event, dinner reso, or in waking up to take on a full British-day. Most importantly, I need to be on time for my flight back home. The city presents excellent public transportation networks that only require you to walk a short distance, and sit…maybe stand for somewhat long periods. This more than compensates for the craziness and congestion of its roads…or even airport parking! Cuz ain’t nobody got time for that!

Walking through LondonPhoto: Pixabay

As a vistor, I don’t necessarily have to drive to the likes of Heathrow, or even Gatwick and reserve an airport car bay, since I would probably take a cab. But one way to go around this, as suggested by the industry experts at Parking4Less, is to book an airport hotel. The nearby accommodation options near London’s major aviation hubs present viable and totally accessible alternatives, especially for commercial airline passengers on an early or late night flight. That way, I definitely won’t be “fashionably late” for my trip back home! 😀

All in all, the key to packing for a trip to London is to tinker with practical and fashionable clothes — keeping traditional Brit-style in mind. The trip will entail a lot of commuting, walking, sightseeing, and shopping #OBVI all while enduring its frigid, often times wet climate…so it’s always best to be ready for all weather conditions. Again, remember: layers are vital.

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