Last week I took a study break with my girl Erica (@sliq.rick) to take some shots for the blog. It was very last minute, but I was #onpoint that day, so it turned out well 😉 We took these photos on my new iPhone, and the quality is absolutely amazing, I must say! So surprised! Probably won’t bother lugging my camera around much anymore; it really is a pain to carry along!

It was nice and mild out, so I wore this coat I got not too long ago [for 40% off, might I add 😀 ] which was perfect for the not-super-cold weather on this November afternoon. It was love at first sight; this oversized coat is draped and exaggerated in all of the right places. It’s super detailed and quite a cool piece to layer on top of.

For this look, I played with black and blue hues, sporting blue Balenciaga high tops, and unintentionally matchy-matchy navy/denim bag. And my newly acquired mirrored frames give a sleek shine to the overall look — #obsessed. Sliq.rick looked dope in her blonde braids, milk neoprene jacket, croc embossed vintage bag, and Oak + Fort pants. And I want her white Nike’s.

It’s definitely dropped in temperature since last week, and now we have to start preparing for the nasty Canadian winter to come 😥 Happy end of November fellow readers. Hello December: holiday SZN, snowy cold weather, and not-as-cute coats [covering up my cute lewks] 😥 Oh well…Life goes on. I’ll miss fall fashion for sure!

Hope you enjoyed this sleek November look! Until next time, stay fashionable!



What I Wore:
Opening Ceremony Duo coat (it was much less expensive at Holts, possibly still available…)
Fendi large Peekaboo bag (discontinued model)
Nudie black skinny jeans
Balenciaga Arena hightop sneakers
Dior silver Technologic sunglasses
Publish striped long sleeve (other products here)


Erica’s Instagram:

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