Summer is pretty much over, and my blogging has been #major lacking these past few months (sorry…), but that’s not going to stop me from posting the rest of my trip that I so dearly miss being on. Let’s pretend it’s still summer, and that the whole year is about to start back up again—school year, that is—and enjoy a summery outfit that I totally forgot to post, which is now like 6 weeks late 😛












Paris was most definitely one of the most special places I’ve visited–like magic. Of course, I was immersed in French culture while there for the first time, but also just being there made me feel a part of Paris’ unique fashion scene. Paris is different, but also kind of similar to the fashion culture of North America—but we’re inspired by it. This look was put together of pieces by mainly all French designers, but I found all of these pieces came together for a cohesive, French-casual daytime look. (I also happened to attain the clothing, shoes, and bag, while on my trip!)






I felt the navy blue striped top and trendy culotte-style shorts, split in the middle by a clean, light brown leather belt, a perfect Parisian summer’s day outfit. Something about the ease, and pairing of these 3 simple pieces together just appeared as a fit for a stroll through some of Paris’ main city streets and walkways. Not to mention, shooting this outfit post in the middle of the 16th Arrondissement itself made this moment all that more special and inspiring for me, as a young professional in the fashion industry.


– Avenue Georges-Mandel, July 23rd, Paris, 2015 –


Kenzo “OUI-NON” Perforated Tee
3.1 Phillip Lim Indigo Culotte Shorts (available, and on sale too!)
Marc Jacobs Paradise Teva-Birkenstock-Sandals (apparently on amazon now, lol)
Céline Tailor Sunglasses
Saint Laurent Paris “YSL” Ring
Hermès Belt KitGM Clic Clac, and Collier De Chien Cuff
Goyard St. Louis GM Tote

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