Bonjouuuurrrrrr to my readers, and pardon moi for the absence from the blog for such a long time… I apologize. Since being back from Paris, I have been working non-stop, looking for a new place to live, and now I’m sick! This has been a busy summer, and I feel bad for not posting on the blog at all!!! There’s so much content that I haven’t posted 😥 But now’s my chance to catch everyone up and recap the amazingly memorable trip to Paris that I will never forget. Shall we begin?


Day 1 – First Day in Paris, EVER!

At La Rotonde


Rue Faubourg



Arc de Triomphe
Playing tourist


The first day of the vaca started late, as our evening flight was delayed, meaning we arrived in the morning in Paris. And let me tellllll youuuu, that jet lag hit me hard. Not fun. Our first day was spent by lunching in the area of our hotel (6th Arr./ Montparnasse), then a quick subway ride to Rue Faubourg St. Honoré for shopping, and a walk all the way towards and down the Champs Élysées! It was a great first day to explore Paris for my first time. I also enjoyed my first authentic cheese plate, and it was amazing (and it got me hooked!).

Day 2 – The Louvre





The REAL Mona Lisa though!!!!!!


At Jardins Tuileries




I thought this door was cool, but there are thousands of awesome doors across Paris
Yep, Chanel 31 Rue Cambon…no, I didn’t buy anything 😥


The original Goyard, which I later bought my first piece from!!!
At Hotel Costes, having a glass of champagne


Off to din, sporting my new Goyard St. Louis tote (yay!!!!!!)



After walking around Paris the first full day (officially second day), I wanted to experience some art and culture, so I went to the Louvre. It was so special to see the Mona Lisa in person! After, we (my mom and I) walked through Jardins Tuileries, the gardens connected to the Louvre. It was a huge open space with beautiful greenery, a massive fountain (and chairs to relax on), a small amusement park, and more greenery and fountains. Absolutely beautiful! Afterwards, we walked back towards Rue St. Honoré, checking out the original Chanel on 31 Rue Cambon, and the original Goyard, where I [finally] was able to get the bag I’ve been wanting! After I bought it, I wore it the rest of the trip, as it’s extremely lightweight and neutral. I love it 🙂

Day 3 – Saint Germain


Fish for breakfast…so good, not gonna lie


At Jardin du Luxembourg
My mom finally decided to join the Céline club 🙂


Considered buying this eel Givenchy, exclusive for Paris


This day started out beautifully as we walked another famous park/gardens in Paris, Jardin du Luxembourg, and I took some beautiful pictures too!!!…except I left my SD card in the hotel and forgot to put it back in my camera…#sadmoment 😦 But it’s alright, because I’ll just have to go back and take some even better shots when I visit again!!! So afterwards, we explored the area, and realized that some of the best (and I mean best) shopping in Paris was right around the corner, not to mention, all walking distance from our hotel! Who knew? Then, of course, the day had to end with a nice cheese plate and a glass of wine. Nothing better ❤

Day 4 – Le Marais



A video of me eating at the famous L’As du Falafel in Paris (be warned, this video is graphic and not attractive, hehe!)

Dinner at Chez Julien


The Notre Dame at night!

This was also a cute day, as we spent our time exploring the old Jewish quarter in Paris, shopping at the cool, urban stores injected throughout the area, and eating…a lot. I think I took pictures mainly of just food this day, as the area was too crowded, and the weather not too amazing, to take photos. But I definitely enjoyed every single thing I ate that day! Amazing. Food. Ugh!!!!!!!

Day 5 – The Eiffel Tower










men's sac de jour 2015 saint laurent paris

first look at men's sac de jour large size 2015 saint laurent paris
A first look at the new men’s Sac De Jour bag on the right; clean and simple. But the croc had my heart!


And a stop at Ladurée later for a large-sized treat 😉

I mean, it had to be done. This was my first trip to Paris! And I finally got to cross visiting the Eiffel Tower off of my bucket list. What an amazing structure to see in person, and go up! Way more special than the CN Tower, don’t you think? After going all the way up, and walking all the way to the bottom of the iconic tower, we walked towards one of the absolute chicest areas in Paris, similar to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Avenue Montaigne. We didn’t spend much time here as we spent most of our day on the Eiffel, but I felt extra special when I later ate at Kimmy K’s fav, L’Avenue, for dinner!!!


And that is all for the first half of my trip to Paris!!! Don’t worry, there’s more to come (including some amazing #ootd posts that I have!!!) covering the rest of this très fabulous trip that I’ll never forget. It’s too bad I wasn’t there during fashion week…I think I would have legiterally died and went to heaven. I hope you are enjoying looking through my trip pictures with me as much as I’m enjoying reminiscing about the amazing moments I had when I was there just 2 weeks ago (it feels like it was just yesterday, though). Be on the lookout for the next part of this blog, coming your way soon!!! Until then…


2 thoughts on “My Trip To Paris – #SassAndLeatherTakesParis Part 1

    1. Me too!!! And I was there like 6 weeks ago 😭
      Thanks for the kind comments. You must have had the best time too.
      I did get the croc SDJ! Haven’t had the chance to blog… I have so much I need to post lol 😅


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