As always, I’m getting around to the fashion week reviews quite late, but it’s hard when all of the looks are so good…or when some of the looks make you want to cry (because there were some #heinous looks on the SS16 men’s runways this year…). I chose 15 of the best looks that not only reflected what was top-knotch on the runways, but each look showcasing some of the key elemental touches across the runways, which will be seen in retail stores next spring & summer! Check them out, and look for the key vibes of this year’s menswear SS16 looks below.


Maison Margiela

Sass & Leather SS16 Menswear Runway Maison Margiela

Haider Ackermann

Sass & Leather SS16 Menswear Runway Haider Ackermann

Damir Doma

Sass & Leather SS16 Menswear Runway Damir Doma


Sass & Leather SS16 Menswear Runway Kenzo


Sass & Leather SS16 Menswear Runway Y-3 Adidas


Sass & Leather SS16 Menswear Runway Lanvin

Obviously, the elements of white on white combo looks, as well as intensive draping, were key parts of the spring-summer 2016 men’s runways. These elements, although not limited to women’s fashion, are definitely taken from the modernist concepts first introduced on women’s runways a couple of seasons back. The amount of cross-inspiration in the industry, especially today, is absolutely fascinating and exciting! I think oversized and long garments look amazing, even on guys, and these designers have definitely embodied it in these looks above.

Alexander McQueen

Sass & Leather SS16 Menswear Runway Alexander McQueen

Raf Simons

Sass & Leather SS16 Menswear Runway Raf Simons

Dior Homme

Sass & Leather SS16 Menswear Runway Dior Homme


Sass & Leather SS16 Menswear Runway WOOYUNGMI

The light graphic details embroidered on these several outfits, as well as the understated camo-cargo details, were seen across men’s runways this season as well. Printed on clean and simple outfits, these graphic motifs bring out a unique touch in all of these looks. I’m especially a fan of the Dior Homme suit covered in those cool blue shapes! And although the WOOYUNGMI look may seem out of place, I thought that it went with the camo top apart of the Dior look, as they are both key vibes that I saw when compiling this blog, on other designers’ runways.

Louis Vuitton

Sass & Leather SS16 Menswear Runway Louis Vuitton


Sass & Leather SS16 Menswear Runway Valentino

The above 2 looks are synonymous with a constant looks that comes in and out of style, and we see 2 large designer names putting out their versions for the spring-summer season next year. Blending new vibes with these traditional, yet edgy embroidered silk jackets brings something fresh to the table. Although Phillip Lim put his own version out on his runway a couple of seasons back, clearly he inspired the higher luxury brands to reintroduce this as a reinvented trend, and I think it’s great!


Sass & Leather SS16 Menswear Runway Fendi

3.1 Phillip Lim

Sass & Leather SS16 Menswear Runway 3.1 Phillip Lim

Sandro Paris

Sass & Leather SS16 Menswear Runway Sandro Paris

These last 3 looks may not appear to be exactly cohesive, but to me they all shout (correct me if I’m wrong…) a 70s inspired vibe, but in 3 different ways. Fendi’s look of the lamé top and structured jacket, complete with oversized framed sunglasses, gives off a retro-chic vibe, throwing it back to the late 70s and 80s. Phillip Lim dressed this model in a pair of amazing puddly pants, in pinstripe, also giving major vintage vibes. Lastly, this look by Sandro gave an aura of Parisienne-chic, as they are known for, in an old-inspired way. I’m dying for all 3 of these looks to become a part of my wardrobe next spring!!!!


Key Vibes of SS16 Menswear Runways:

  • Cargo-Camo-Concepts
  • All White
  • Intense Draping
  • 70s Inspiration
  • Metallics and Lamé
  • Light Graphic Embroidery
  • Silk Motif Bomber Jackets


So, of these 15 looks, do you have any favourites? Hands down, I have to say my favs include the floorlength white Margiela coat, the Kenzo mesh look, the Y-3 shirt-shorts combo, the Fendi lamé look, and the Phillip Lim puddle pants. Do you think these vibes and trends are going to rock next spring-summer season?

Look out for the next runway review, coming your way soon!


***All looks sourced from***

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