Winter has been so brutal since the New Year swung in, and it’s been annoying having to bundle up to the point where I almost can’t see the ground in front of me, and have my glasses fully fog up: #TheWinterStruggles. But I still have to keep my mode #onFLEEK (replacing the term “quiche”), so as per photographer’s creative direction, I peeled the layers of warmth, and braved the cold for this classic-yet-cozy Sass & Leather look! Winter, I ain’t playin…

IMG_3173 IMG_3175 IMG_3182Pairing my classic smooth leather jacket, biker jeans, Chelsea boots, and a ultra-suede top, this look was clean and simple. My jacket, jeans, and boots are all by The Kooples, a more realistic (cost and wear-wise) version of my top designer choice, Saint Laurent Paris. Hedi Slimane has totally revamped YSL for a new generation, and brought the biker-chic look to the forefront of the fashion world; and I dig it!

IMG_3188 IMG_3196 IMG_3192

Love the selfies

Of course, the look couldn’t have looked any better without pairing it with my new [to me] Saint Laurent Sac De Jour bag. I purchased a pre-owned 2013 version, which not only is larger (good for my body proportion), but I also scored it for an insane deal! This tote is absolutely gorgeous, in all of its understatedness-beauty. What drew me most to this bag was the resemblance to the Hermès Birkin bag, but with much less detail – almost being a briefcase tote bag. It’s perfect!

Up close and purse-onal 😉


For this shoot, I decided to use a totally different lens than I normally use, which I actually have never made use of up until this post! It’s the Canon 50mm lens, and although the zoom is set (meaning having to usually stand farther back to snap a picture), the lens boasts a much higher aperture = beautiful background blurs. I mean, are these photos not gorgeous?

IMG_3238IMG_3228 IMG_3241

IMG_3258 IMG_3260 Time to take the shades off…IMG_3263 IMG_3269 IMG_3287

Cute candid

And I thought these #dope gloves would totally #hype up this look. Don’t you?


So did you like this look? I’ll be honest, the phrase “Fashion is Pain” resonated as we shot this post, because I was freezing…but hey, I thought I looked pretty good 🙂 …Thanks to the photographer’s skills, of course!

IMG_3300 IMG_3302Until next time!

Creative Directed by: Arielle Snir

The Kooples Clean Leather jacket (other styles here)
The Kooples Biker jeans (on sale!)
The Kooples Chelsea boots
Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen Ultrasuede sweater
Saint Laurent Large Sac De Jour bag (new version, slightly smaller)
Hermès Chaine d’Ancre GM bracelet
Ray Ban Tortoise Wayfarer sunglasses
Urban Outfitters BDG Pom beanie (
similar style)
Urban Planet “Dope Hype” gloves

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