Hey S&L-ers and Happy New Year!

Sorry for not posting on here for a little bit; but things are getting a bit crazy, and a bit lazy, as things come back into full swing for 2015! But don’t be upset, as I have a ton of new things on the horizon for the blog, and the rest of my social media platforms!

The reason why I am posting a “welcome” to my YouTube channel is because, well, I have had one for over a year now, and have yet to post my videos on my blog. I think it’s about time I integrate both worlds, including my Instagram & Twitter, so that the Sass & Leather experience is seamless.

My YouTube channel is more personal, however. Featuring videos that aren’t as connected with the ideas of the blog, but an extension of my personal interests and personality! I have videos on some of the things I love, including haul videos, reviews on my most coveted pieces (ie: bags!!!), and other fun videos, like tags and such.

I would like to start creating more content that links the two worlds, including “behind the scenes” of photoshoots I take for my blog, or even vlogs!

So stay tuned, and most likely if I’m not typing on my blog at the moment, I may be recording a new video, like this one reviewing my new Saint Laurent Sac De Jour bag I recently scored for an awesome deal online! Check it out below:

Otherwise, here’s to a great 2015, and much more to come 🙂 See ya soon!


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