So now that the long yearly-awaited New York Fashion Week (NYFW) for spring collections has finally passed, it’s time for me to submit my review to you, the readers! I’m sorry I may be a tad late, but I had to find time to meticulously go through some of the best & some of my #FAV designers showing this past week.

I chose the 15 best looks of this year’s NYFW in order for you to see a fair amount of the best designers showing, a taste of some unique fashion some of you may not be familiar with, and also not going too far overboard with too many choices (IT WAS HARD!). So without further ado, here are Sass & Leather’s 15 Best Looks of #NYFW.

1) Versus Versace

15 Best Looks of NYFW SS 2014 Sass & Leather Versus Versace 2

In his second fashion week showing, Anthony Vaccarello did an awesome job of bringing out some of the best in what Versus stands for. Originally Donatella’s baby, Anthony has brought a modern and fresh take to the brand for this new season. I loved this cut out top featured on the runway!

2) Opening Ceremony

15 Best Looks of NYFW SS 2014 Sass & Leather Opening Ceremony 5

Another brand that actually had the same cut out style implemented in their collection this season was OC, one of my favourite brands for chic minimalism. Also not to mention, Karlie Kloss looks super cute in this little combo! Do I see a trend here?

3) 3.1 Phillip Lim

15 Best Looks of NYFW SS 2014 Sass & Leather 3.1 Phillip Lim 8

When watching his collection this year, I found Phillip Lim’s style to have changed slightly. He seemed to be taking a more simplistic approach with pastel colours for spring, but I chose this funkier look off the runway since it definitely stood out more! I always love his unique prints each season.

4) Carolina Herrera

15 Best Looks of NYFW SS 2014 Sass & Leather CH Carolina Herrera 12

Following with a spring classic, CH had a gorgeous and fresh collection featuring bold flower prints, but remixed. This dress stood out to me, as it’s a simple ivory gown, with a loud pop-art-esque rose imprinted across the front. I think it’s so chic and unique for next spring!

5) Baja East

15 Best Looks of NYFW SS 2014 Sass & Leather Baja East 13

One brand I actually discovered this past summer, Baja East, is the true epitome of laid-back-luxury. The creative directors whom each worked for Lanvin, and the other for Céline, created a brand based on vintage Baja hoodies, with a twist. This collection was super easy yet stylish, and this oversized leather top really caught my eye!

6) Alexander Wang

15 Best Looks of NYFW SS 2014 Sass & Leather Alexander Wang 1

So, it was really hard to go through this collection and pick a favourite, because Wang did an amazing job at NYFW this year. Notably, he really switched up his style, and brought a lot of fresh, bright colours into his RTW collection! I chose this classic look which did feature some bold red along the edges, and of course, mesh everywhere (my absolute favvvvvv)!

7) Altuzzara

15 Best Looks of NYFW SS 2014 Sass & Leather Joseph Altuzzara 14

This young man is on top of the world right now, with his new and refreshing collection showing last week, and his collection at Target launching (and almost selling out) today! I’m still not entirely familiar with Altuzzara’s signature style, but I do know that I loved this sexy, sheer dress with a sleek blazer atop!

8) Proenza Schouler

15 Best Looks of NYFW SS 2014 Sass & Leather Proenza Schouler 15

I’m still trying to figure out what exactly their style is myself, but I find a lot of retro inspired looks in their collection. Normally I also tend to see bright prints, especially for spring, but not so much in this collection, and I thought it was a really successful runway. The cropped jacket is très cute, and the shoes are so fun!

9) Jason Wu

15 Best Looks of NYFW SS 2014 Sass & Leather Jason Wu 10

Following a similar retro-chic trend as Proenza for his collection, Jason Wu brought out timeless looks this season. This sage-toned suede boxy top and split skirt combo looked very 70s, and I totally love it.

10) Marc Jacobs

15 Best Looks of NYFW SS 2014 Sass & Leather Marc Jacobs Collection 7

I didn’t die over his collection this fashion week, but I did find the implementation of cargo pockets, oversized buttons, and cropped silhouettes to be interesting in this specific look. It’s actually really fun, and new! I like the sandals too.

11) Rag & Bone

15 Best Looks of NYFW SS 2014 Sass & Leather Rag & Bone 3

A brand you have seen me wear a ton on S&L, RB knocks it out of the park once again this fashion week. This look stood out to me; something fresh for Rag & Bone, in the extra long cardigan and wide legged pants.

12) Prabal Gurung

15 Best Looks of NYFW SS 2014 Sass & Leather Prabal Gurung 4

After reviewing his collection, I felt as if I was swimming with fish underwater. Bright, bubbly and blue! One dress actually looked like a jellyfish, but this look was super cute, especially the jacket!

13) Michael Kors

15 Best Looks of NYFW SS 2014 Sass & Leather Michael Kors Collection 9

A genius in the fashion world, MK showcased yet another classic collection, glimmering with signature details. Always seen in most of his looks, this outfit boasts the fold over-tied belt, but what really stood out to me as soon as I watched the show was this daisy embellished tulle skirt. Literally spring in a garment!

14) Oscar de la Renta

15 Best Looks of NYFW SS 2014 Sass & Leather Oscar de la Renta 6

I recently read that Mr. dlR he is known as the king of evening wear, and I could say that this is probably a true fact. With pieces in this show that gleamed in the light, but didn’t have any elements that actually reflected off the light, it’s safe to say that his couture is eye catching and gorgeous! This intricately embroidered lace top and skirt are stunning.

15) Calvin Klein

15 Best Looks of NYFW SS 2014 Sass & Leather Calvin Klein Collection 11

A name well known in the industry and offering some of the most effortless-chic transitional pieces, Calvin Klein Collection this season was simple, chic and stylish, as always. Of course the piece that stood out most in my eyes was the leather dress, cinched at the waist, with MESH DETAIL. Well done.

All in all, I really enjoyed the collections for NYFW this year. It’s too bad I wasn’t able to visit, but hopefully next year! What did you think of these 15 best looks of #NYFW 2014?


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