As cliché as this post might be, I wanted to get on a roll with my monthly favs. With working a full time job now, and having so much other crap on my plate, I will try my hardest to follow through with this, so here we go!!!

This past month has been suuuuuper hectic and filled with fun and exciting things. July is the perfect, sunny month of summer, and now that August has come around, the warm weather ain’t here for much longer (unfortunately). Of course some of my favs in this post would have to include summery attire, and here are the things that I loved this month.

sass and leather july monthly fashion favorites 1

  1. A Pair of Cut-off Shorts – Levi’s

sass and leather july monthly fashion favorites 2

Something that screams summer to me is a pair of shorts that have been distresses and frayed to a beautiful, vintage look. I actually did a DIY post on how to make these shorts, with a pair of Levi’s that I had purchased myself, but you can easily use a pair of old shorts if you wish. Or pretty much every store I can think of sells their own version of cut-off shorts, but I always get excited every summer to tear up my own pair!

#MirrorSelfie in my DIY shorts!
#MirrorSelfie in my DIY shorts!

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  1. A Light, Summery Clutch – Louis Vuitton Antigua

sass and leather july monthly fashion favorites 4

This bag was actually purchased pre-loved from a fellow blogger on the web, at the Blogger Bazaar sale held at Soho House in Toronto. I had no intention of purchasing such a piece, but it was so nice for a summer night out to dinner in my mind, that I had to get it. I also decided to get a nice little blue fringe keychain to accompany the clutch, as with a lot of LV items, they had random empty key-rings that need to have something attached, and it just made the clutch pop!

sass and leather july monthly fashion favorites 5

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  1. Funky Sunglasses – Illesteva Leonard + Ray-Ban Aviator
sass and leather july monthly fashion favorites 6
Me wearing Illesteva, my friend Asha wearing Ray-Ban

2 pairs of sunglasses that I would have to include in this monthly favs would have to be my Illesteva Leonard’s, and my blue mirrored Ray Ban Aviator’s. The Illesteva’s are oversized, and super hip, reminiscent of the Celine look, but more affordable (and nicer on my face shape). The Ray Ban’s are totally chic with the blue-mirrored lenses, and look amazing with sun shining bright onto them! They have both been in my bag all of July!

sass and leather july monthly fashion favorites 7

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  1. Bright & Punk-Chic Cuff – Hermès Collier De Chien “CDC”

sass and leather july monthly fashion favorites 8

One of my obsessions these past few months, and what I have worn a ton this past month, would have to be my CDC bracelet. I got this for my birthday, and after being on my lust-list for 2 years, I was blessed to have been able to acquire one of these rare pieces! I bought it in the classic Hermès orange, because it’s something so unique, and I find I have too much dark jewellery, so it has been an extraordinary piece to own! I will definitely wear this throughout the year, but it has been perf for the summertime.

sass and leather july monthly fashion favorites 9

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  1. Colourful Kicks – Lanvin Tennis + Tod’s Gommino

sass and leather july monthly fashion favorites 10

With the beautiful weather, and lack of rain, it’s only permitting to wear cool coloured shoes that won’t get destroyed. The first pair I bought at the beginning of this month, and currently breaking in, are my Lanvin tennis sneakers. I also had been dying for a pair of these for some time, and finally found the right pair in an all burgundy suede model, with blue accents! #LOVE! And the next pair would be my Tod’s Gommino driving shoes, which I have been living in. They are essentially an upgraded pair of Sperry’s, and so much nicer in my opinion. I was also lucky enough to have gotten both on sale at Holt’s; that’s what I’m talkin’ bout!

sass and leather july monthly fashion favorites 11

sass and leather july monthly fashion favorites 12

With one month of summer left, it’s going to be hard moving on from wearing all of these fun items that I have to wait all year to sport, but that’s life. I will be living in my summer gear when I don’t have work, as much as possible, until fall comes around (which I am so excited about!!!). What are your July favs?


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