Today I’m launching a new section, as a part of my blog. It’s All In the Details will be talking about certain items, whether they be personally owned, lusted over, or owned by a friend. This section will go into the construction and beautifully meticulous details of craftsmanship and design of items that many of you fashionistas may be currently aspiring to purchase or potentially want more info on.

The first post will be touching on my recently acquired, pre-owned (and distressed condition) Alexander Wang Rocco bag. The Rocco has become a staple for many bloggers, style gurus, and just average lovers of handbags like you and me.


Alexander Wang is known for dark and edgy designs, evident in his clothing, shoes and of course handbags. His Rocco was one of his first popular designs upon creating his brand, which has continued to be purchased and loved over the seasons. Even looking at each of little details that comprise the Rocco, it is evident that it is definitely a beautiful creation, and deserves the ‘it-bag’ title.



One of my favourite details of the Rocco is that it features beautiful & huge thimble/bullet looking studs across the bottom of the bag. They are essentially the feet that protect the bottom, but act like more of a shield and decoration at the same time. Without these awesome studs, the bag would not have as much of an it-factor in my opinion.



The bag comes in many different colours, leathers and hardware. The one I own is the classic black shrunken (or brainy looking) lambskin leather with the brass hardware. I personally find this to be the most exclusive one of all, as not many other bags feature leather this thick and unique looking. The shrunken leather is an Alexander Wang signature look. The brass hardware also gives a statement, and a more vintage look, since it is oxidized to look darker.




Wang also has a smaller version of the bag, for those who maybe can’t wear such a huge in-your-face bag, the Rockie. It’s a mini sized Rocco, following the mini bag trend, but still looking cute. Both bags feature the classic studding details, unique leather colours & styles, and the unique “A” Alexander Wang zippers! The only difference is that the Rockie features a longer strap, which is more optimal for wearing crossbody, whereas the Rocco features one only long enough to wear on the shoulder.



I am definitely in love with this bag, and although it’s not the newest, I think it will keep in style for so many years to come! Alexander Wang has some of the edgiest bags that can easily be worn for any occasion. The Rocco is one of my favs in my own personal collection, and I suggest that anyone who has been lusting over it to go ahead with the plunge – although it is crazy heavy, so beware! 😉




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