I know I’m always talking about the tangible world of fashion, and the products that the industry supplies to us. For the most part, we tend to appreciate articles that are made of animals, like a leather handbag. Of course even in utilizing these materials, good treatment and sustainability is an important factor in the industry.

Relating the use of natural materials in creation of clothing or accessories, whether it is of an animal, or from cotton growing on the ground, it makes you consider the natural roots of fashion. We tend to embody what we wear, while aiming to look and feel good too!



I’ve recently heard about this amazing new product called Verda from friend & marketing guru working with Verda, Leanna Hefter. Verda is a natural and vegan superfood, which is plant-based and promotes a healthy lifestyle with great nutrition and benefits. My favourite part about this product is that it bans animal testing and is surprisingly 100% vegan.



Some may call me a hypocrite. But while I wear some products that are derived from animals, like leather, this is my way of staying healthy and backing a product that supports sustaining life forms.



When getting ready to do a workout, Verda is a great alternative to the average protein shake powder or energy boosting product. Because it is an all-natural choice, it only makes you feel great after doing exercise, and doesn’t harm your body, or the environment. #Everyonewins with this product!


Stretching the body with exercise like yoga, it allows the mind to centre into the body and relax. These kind of calming exercises are what the Verda lifestyle represents. For the past 2 weeks, I have been engaging in this lifestyle, and I could not be happier with my results and how I feel.

Using a stone as a natural weight
Using a stone as a natural weight


But of course, no matter if you’re exercising or attending the hottest after party, Sass & Leather knows how to keep in style for every occasion! Clothing from brands such as Lululemon are great for yoga movements, allowing you to move freely. And throwing on a comfy top, and even a pair of espadrilles are cohesive with the free feeling style of this exercise.




This is how I try to stay healthy and keep in shape, while looking and feeling great, obvi! Stay tuned for more on Verda and keep up with the brand on Instagram @VerdaNutrition, or follow one of my absolute #FAV Real Housewives of Miami, @LisaHochstein, who is promoting the product (so cool, right?!).



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