The warmth and sweet smell in the air make us all feel excited about the next few months we have to enjoy the sun and beautiful climate. Spring and coming Summer weather also permits the wearability of fresh and enchanting fragrances!

In women’s fragrances, I find the best summer scents have flowery notes, as well as fruity tangs. These few picks have been recommended by some of my friends, as well as personally smelled by moi!

1) Balenciaga’s new Rosabotanica, a reinterpretation on their Florabotanica released in 2012. With woodsy base notes, and rose, peppercorn and grapefruit as the main notes, this fragrance has a main scent of a spicy rose. It’s quite intriguing, and the bottle is too!


2) Another reinterpretation, Calvin Klein’s Endless Euphoria mixes up the original scent with light florals, mandarin oranges and sandalwood, giving it a more sensual and musky update. Offered in a male alternative, guys can also try Euphoria.


3) Brand new this year, Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana presents ties with its Sicilian roots, where feminine and soft flowery scents are identified from the white flowers. Blending papaya, white water lily and the neroli leaf, and base notes of cashmere and musk, this new scent is perfect for this season.


4) A classic, following the neroli scent, Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino is just simply hypnotic in the best of ways. With top notes of mandarin orange and bergamot, Tunisian neroli flower and amber as its base, this private [and expensive] blend by Tom Ford is one to remember, and perfect for warm weather! Their newest campaign, released a few days ago, shows the summery feel the fragrance embodies.


For the men, I have come up with a few of my personal favourites, as well as some classic fragrances I lust over that compliment the dudes in the summertime.

1) One of my personal favs, and the first cologne I ever owned, Calvin Klein’s Eternity Summer is classic, eliciting a simple and relaxed beach-lifestyle. Released each year (and also offered in the female alternative), the Summer editions are mainly scented of watermelon, amber and musk, but this year’s addition presents a more aromatic essence of pear, juniper berries and basil.


2) Luna Rossa by Prada is a perfect summer fragrance which actually draws its name from the passion for sailing on the beautiful ocean waters. Mixing bitter orange with lavender, musky base notes, and spearmint at its core, Luna Rossa is the perfect airy yet masucline fragrance, emphasizing being at sea.


3) The cologne that men have used since its introduction, and one that I have yet to own, Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue pour Homme is one of the summer ultimates, and a classic for women as well. With so many different notes, including citrus, rosewood, pepper, with musk and incense base notes, this fragrance is perfect for the nicer seasons, and is a must have in any guy’s collection!


4) The last choice on my list is Acqua Di Gio by Armani, a fragrance that was created by Giorgio himself and inspired by his vacations in Pantellerie, Sicily. The cologne features many different notes embodying a sweet and salty sea spray and warmth on the skin.With woodsy musks and patchouli at the base, the fragrance is built up with sweet flowers and sea notes, and topped with bitter citrus, for an ecstatic scent.


My final pick, aside from a men’s cologne is actually a unisex fragrance, which both women and men can appreciate. Not a typical fragrance brand, and not usually found in most stores, Dark Rum by Malin+Goetz is a really unique scent. With unique hints of plum, amber, milk, patchouli, leather, and of course rum, this fragrance is surprising light and fresh, but still really captivating when inhaled.

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So what do you think of my picks? They are all wonderful, light, flowery, citrusy, and fragrant (the perfect word to describe them) fragrances and I think they are all worthy of trying! Are there other Spring and Summer fragrances you think are worthy of purchasing?


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