Oh Mondays… the greatest worst day of the week where it’s back to work or school after a relaxing weekend off. Or, why not devote your Mondays to hanging with cool people and snapping some pics while you’re at it? IMG_9243 IMG_9245 IMG_9250 I guess we’re sometimes lucky when we have Mondays off, because it makes it much less stressful easing back into the work week. This past Monday was definitely a nice day to enjoy the weather, get comfy in my casual clothes, and be with friends! IMG_9258 IMG_9264 And yes, you must be thinking “well isn’t this a fashion blog where all he talks about is his addiction to couture and such”… Obvi, but sometimes fashion isn’t only about the exact pieces you’re wearing; it’s about the experience! IMG_9271 Throwing on a comfy-as-hell & cool-as-f*$% printed tee matched with my fav blue jeans, a pair of Toms, a cheeky play-on-words hoodie and laid back sunglasses is all I need to look fashionable for this Monday 🙂 And it also builds the experience made with friends, where we can just be inspired in the moment, and snap away on the camera = candid flair! IMG_9273 IMG_9278 As for the title… Well, I consider myself and my two twins girlfriends a part of a three-pack, or as we call ourselves, the Three Musketeers! #Cliché or not, it’s cute, right?! IMG_9309 IMG_9284 I guess you could say, we weren’t looking top notch in this post, but hey, fashion is fashion, and there is a style for every type of occasion – even walking around and having a fun time in the sun. Plus, I think I still definitely look #quiche (Google it!). IMG_9319 What are your Mondays like? IMG_9325S&L

Aviator Nation shirt
7 For All Mankind slimmy jeans
Toms blue striped espadrilles
SSUR “Comme Des Fuçkdown” hoodie (Comme Des Garçon pun)
Ray-Ban gradient aviators

Girls are wearing:
Michael Kors striped maxi
American Apparel tee
H&M genie pants
Michael Kors flats (leopard & striped)
Ray-Ban & Zara sunglasses

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