Living in rainy [and still chilly I might add] times in Canada, it’s only natural that I’ve been yearning for a taste of warmer weather. Last weekend, I was blessed by my father’s offer to join him in Las Vegas after his business trip, and have a nice weekend away. And boy, was it ever a good decision to go!



Vegas is obviously known to be a place for gambling, partying and drinking way into the wee hours of the morning, but since I’m not legal yet, it was nice to just go for a relaxing weekend. Besides obviously shopping and tanning while I was there, I thought “wouldn’t it be cool to go explore the desert while I’m here?”




So we rented a car and drove out to explore the red rock formations in the desert! Being amongst such large natural creations in the earth made me feel small, but also made me feel free and peaceful.




It was so breathtaking, and I decided to go off the roped path and climb amongst the structures. I probably got about 50 feet in the air at my highest, overlooking the valleys below and mountains in the distance.



Although Las Vegas is quite dry, there was still some grass and brush on the ground, so I needed to be careful to avoid snakes or scorpions hiding within! But I still felt defiant walking through the greenery, and climbing the rocks up to high heights.


And of course, I still wanted to look desert-chic while exploring the rocks! I played it cool with a ripped vintage tee, paired with my bright green shorts, adding a pop of colour. I could almost blend into the beautiful cactus plants!




I wore my new gladiator sandals, which I’m so beyond obsessed with! They take the classic look of a Birkenstock sandal, and add a more fashionable perspective with strappy details, and both croc & python patterns. Adding an extra wow-factor to the look were my very Las Vegas-esque Versace shield sunglasses, which I bought the last time I was here!



For jewellery, I just wore bracelets, and no watch for once! With my Tiffany cuff & braided leather bangle on the left, I kept it simple. On the right, I wore my new Balenciaga wrap bracelet that I splurged on during this trip, giving an edge to my look! Definitely one of my fav pieces in this look, as I am totally in love with Balenciaga’s products!


Finally, adding the last hint of colour and fun to my look, I sported one of my fav bags, my blue PS1 satchel. It was definitely something I wouldn’t think of bringing on the rocks in the desert, but #YOLO!



I definitely enjoyed doing something unique with my trip, and have awesome pictures to remember and share the memories! Exploring outside the comforts of the man-made paradise of Las Vegas was super cool, and I recommend anyone who ventures to this wonderful state to go explore what nature has to offer.



Obesity + Speed destroyed tee (got on sale for $30) – or Do It Yourself (DIY)!
Rag & Bone blade shorts (in twill here) – similar by Abercrombie
Dolce & Gabbana exotic strap sandals – similar by Birkenstock
Tiffany 1837 cuff
John Hardy bamboo & leather bracelet
Balenciaga navy wrap bracelet
Versace 2130 blue tortoise sunglasses – newer style here
Proenza Schouler blue PS1 bag – similar by Cambridge Satchel

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