It’s nice to be back home again in my true “habitat”, where I feel relaxed and familiar with my surroundings. And now that I’m off from school, I can really laze around as much as I want (unless I’m at work of course). IMG_8556 IMG_8608 IMG_8536 Although every day seems to be a weekend, since it’s technically my summer break, Sundays are usually the days when I feel comfortable wearing whatever I want, and doing whatever I want. Aka, they’re my sweat-pant Sundays, where I whip out a pair of my fav sweats and get comfy. IMG_8562 IMG_8568 My photographer, Julia Zuckernick, happened to be camera shy that day and didn’t feel like she was in the mood to join in the shoot, although she was dressed in the right attire! We went for a little walk around the area, and although it was gorgeous and sunny out, it was so windy!!! IMG_8625 IMG_8599 Anyway, this casual Sunday look was made to look less schlump-y (lazy + ugly attired + gross), and more sweat-chic. Free City sweatpants are my fav casual piece, because they aren’t your ordinary pair of sweatpants. They come in a million different colours, and are unisex, so the options are basically endless – I probably have almost 10 pairs (I’ve lost count at this point). IMG_8546 IMG_8610 For this look, I wore my basic black pair with a blue birdy accent, which matched my blue Marc Jacobs tee really well! This is one of my fav tees as well; it’s super comfy, but is still a cool top! Contrasting, I’m wearing my Prada sailing sneakers, in grey suede and yellow mesh. Perfect with the mesh theme this season, and cute contrast to my sweats (I just need to be careful of grass stains!). IMG_8595 IMG_8539 On top, I threw on my cargo anorak jacket, which actually has a grey sweatshirt as sleeves and a hood, making it unique and blending both types of jackets together! I love how it goes with my sweatpants, as it’s still casual, but more fashionable! IMG_8576 IMG_8561 IMG_8615 Lastly, I have my Hermès clic clac and Marc Jacobs watch on, and my fun blue mirrored aviators. They add that last pop of colour to my outfit, and are a bright touch for any look! IMG_8543 IMG_8624 So would you consider wearing sweatpants outside of the house if you paired them properly, or would you just keep indoors when sporting them? Hope you liked this Sunday outfit 🙂

IMG_8645 IMG_8652


Free City sweatpants –
H&M Anorak with sweatshirt accents –
Marc Jacobs Paris t-shirt
Prada sailing sneakers
Ray Ban blue mirror aviators
Hermès wide Clic Clac
Marc Jacobs Blade watch (silver)

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