If you hadn’t already noticed it in many of my blog posts, I’m kind of obsessed with the current trends this season. Spring is one of my favourite seasons, as it presents the atmosphere with warm weather, yet there is still a chill lulling around. Alike fall, you are able to sport transitional, as well as summery pieces, which add a great mix to your wardrobe! This is why spring is one of my favs.

Source: FashionBeans.com, Versace

In a few of my posts, some of the key trends this season have been mentioned par moi, but I have still left a few out. Here is what is #trending this season (yes, you may pronounce that “hashtag trending”).

Source: Glamour.com Left to right: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Milly, Tracy Reese
Source: Glamour.com
Left to right: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Milly, Tracy Reese

Florals, bright colours, easy fabrics and leather jackets, cut off jeans, sandals and sneakers are all key parts of the warmer trends. Florals are normally a key part of women’s collections, but are actually really evident in men’s this year! The Hawaiian-vacation-inspired look is taking the scene lately, and I love it. Popping up in silk bombers, jeans and tops, floral prints are on point, and something to look at dudes!

Style.com:Dries Van Noten
Source: Style.com, Dries Van Noten
Style.com:Phillip Lim
Source: Style.com, 3.1 Phillip Lim
Style.com:Saint Laurent
Source: Style.com, Saint Laurent Paris

As mentioned in previous S&L posts, fringe is a big trend in women’s fashion this year. In handbags & accessories as well as RTW (or “Ready To Wear”, for the fashion illiterate), fringe is swishing up on the scene, literally. It adds the Coachella-festival-esque feel to any look, and instantly makes you feel like you’re dressed for hot, summery weather! So fringe it up ladies!

Source: Vogue.com, Gucci
Source: Vogue.com, Gucci
Source: Style.com, Valentino
Source: ElleCanada.com, Emilio Pucci
Source: HarpersBazaar.com, Valentino
Source: HarpersBazaar.com, Valentino

Evident in both men and women’s collections, the mesh and sportswear-inspired style is really on trend right now! Don’t be afraid to throw on your Nike sneakers, an old jersey, and a leather baseball cap. You are totally allowed to wear these outside of the gym or the touch football game!

Style.com:Alexander Wang
Source: Style.com, Alexander Wang
Source: Forbes.com, Marc by Marc Jacobs
Source: Style.com, Opening Ceremony
Source: InStyle.com Left to right:  Elizabeth & James, Milly, Vera Wang
Source: InStyle.com
Left to right: Elizabeth & James, Milly, Vera Wang
Source: Style.com, Gucci
Source: HarpersBazaar.com, Prada
Stylecaster.com:Chanel sneakers
Source: StyleCaster.com, Chanel

And as the warmer times come around, we are always yearning to whip out a leather jacket! It doesn’t matter what the style, a leather is a leather, and goes with everything. We have the perfect weather right now to sport a leather jacket, so take advantage (and look fab doing so)! And no look is complete without a leather, or sass 😉

Businessinsider.com:Bomber jackets
Source: BusinessInsider.com
Clockwise from top: Tim Coppens, J.Crew, Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen, Ovadia & Sons, All Saints, Calvin Klein
Source: IXDaily.com, Chanel

Leather has also of course been taken up in many other garments, like hats and bottoms. I just purchased a pair of leather shorts in an athletic cut, which blends sporty with its edgy look. They are also definitely not an item to be missed (guys, and girls of course), so check those out for the spring & summer seasons!

Source: Style.com, Fendi
Style.com:lim pants
Source: Style.com, 3.1 Phillip Lim
Source: WhoWhatWear.com, American Apparel


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