When you’re bored late at night, why not take a little walk for some inspiration? My friends and I decided to get dressed up and go for a stroll and take some shots, ‘cause why not, right?


Before we said our goodbyes to living in downtown Toronto for the summer, taking in a few last minute memories was a perfect ending to a great year. But don’t fret Toronto; I’ll be visiting you soon and exploring the rest of what you’ve got to offer. IMG_8487

Following the closing of this chapter of my first year living in Toronto as a student, I’m opening a new chapter as well: summer! It may still be spring (and yes, I still have much to cover on Sass & Leather); however it is now [technically] my summer vacation! I can’t wait to really explore the city even more, and bring more surprises to my following here on S&L.

IMG_8378 IMG_8385

The inspiration I had on this night coincided with some of the trends this spring, as well as memories made this year. The photographer was too shy to join in the pictures, but it’s okay because I still had one friend to share the memory! My friend and I both love ultra hip, nouveau style. She paired a really cute suede fringe poncho with a vintage Moschino belt on top. Very chic and on-trend this season! IMG_8490

I went for a sportswear inspired look, including a mesh jersey tee, which is SO perfect to have this season! I see them pop up everywhere, and I’m obsessed with the look! IMG_8391 IMG_8433


On top I have my suede varsity jacket, ripped skinny jeans, a snapback hat, and of course, my Nike runners. Very simple look, but it still brings in some of spring’s key trends. IMG_8432IMG_8468

So cheers to the memories made this year, and to the future of Sass & Leather. Here’s to what this summer brings, and what has inspired me to create thus far! IMG_8501


UNIF Ornate6 snapback
Topman Brooklyn jersey
OBEY Suede Varsity Jacket
Rag & Bone distressed skinny jeans
Nike Free Run 2 sneakers
Luv AJ ID bracelet

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