Hello and welcome to all my fellow fashion fiends and coveters.

This is Sass & Leather.

My name is Jory. I’m 18 (19 in 2 months) and I go to Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Fashion has been a passion of mine for many years now. My knowledge of the fashion industry is continuously growing in a range of the current trends, what is at large right now, and what is in style.

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On a side note, I have always wanted to start a blog, but never knew what to start with. So here I am, ready and anxious to let my word vomit spew out from my fingers onto this page for you all to read, digest, and hopefully not vomit back at me!

From since I can remember I have always been obsessed with something. When I was 1, I was obsessed with vacuums. Next came Barbie’s. And then the obsession moulded into Disney for a few years too.

Soon after (around 13, the golden age) I became interested in fashion… Well, what I thought was fashion was a little old brand called Ed Hardy. I loved those graphic t-shirts with the skulls. So couture… Eventually from that, I got really into these overpriced sweats that come from Malibu, California, called Free City. They are super comfy, and have the most awesome prints on them and I still wear them to this day!

Ok, but clearly there’s no point in continuing to speak on random clothing, which has no relation to my life currently, nor my blog. Well, that’s totally true. But from these obsessions, I have really come into my new taste in fashion and lifestyle.

Some of my current loves are Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, Zadig & Voltaire, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Rag & Bone, and the list goes on. I personally love high end designer fashion, but still mix in and appreciate what retailers like H&M, Topman and Zara have to offer (especially with their designer-dupes).

I really love mixing different styles and colours together for a unique look. There are so many styles on trend right now, and my wardrobe definitely has bits and pieces of each: edgy, clean cut, simplistic, funky, a pop of colour here and there, and so much more. I’m also addicted to bags…just you wait for posts on the current bag I’m currently coveting!


The title of my blog “Sass & Leather” really encompasses my passions in life, as well as me as a person. Firstly, I honestly couldn’t tell you why, but I am addicted to leather. The smell, the feel, the look, and the luxury a piece of leather adds to your outfit, whether it’s a nice jacket, a belt, bag… Leather is just amazing [sorry PETA]!

And the Sass part…well, I guess I could say I’m a pretty outspoken, loud and sassy person. I’m a completely honest person, even if being honest means being a man-bitch. I’m sorry, if that necklace is not working with that top, I’m going to say it (don’t worry, I’m kidding)!


Besides that, I really just wanted to give a little taste of what I’ll be blogging about on here. From the latest shows across the world, to current styles, must have pieces, how to get the look for less, things I’m loving at the moment, outfit posts, and much much more, you’ll find tons of stuff to read about on Sass & Leather!

Stay tuned, and follow for more!

– S&L


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